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“With Calvin you are fully aware, armed to do battle in the world and come out on top.”

Agostino I., Financial Advisor

“I came into coaching with about 5 million in closed transactions per year. After a year of coaching now, I’m closing close to 10 million!”

Andrea R., Realtor

“After my first coaching session with Calvin I literally went from being top 40 in the world at my sport to top 15.”

Jennifer L., SUP Athlete

“Personal coaching with Calvin has been the single most important investment I’ve made.”

Johnny B., Real Estate Investor

“I have gone from being a real estate agent, to running 4 different businesses in the real estate industry. I have grown so much, as a man and as a leader.”

Enrique B., Entrepreneur

“I’m not just a better leader, I’m a happier person.”

Jenny O., Insurance Regional VP

“I have become my own best friend. That used to sound so corny to me, but it’s such a powerful, courageous thing to be.”

Josie L., Hospitality Director

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