“From our very first call, Calvin expressed extreme confidence in me but also demanded a higher level of personal accountability than I was used to, or even comfortable with! His gentle guidance and constant reassurance helped me to break bad habits which have hindered both personal and professional growth. For example, after launching my business in March of 2016, I quickly (albeit naively) expected to lease a large office space in Hawaii with multiple treatment rooms, have a full schedule of patients, and tons of time for myself at the end of the day. Essentially, I expected to move from A to Z, instantly.

When this didn’t happen, I was quick to shut down, sometimes second-guessing my ability to build a business and even doubting my decision to pursue acupuncture as a profession. Calvin’s reassurance and prescribed methods for self-reflection have led me to a point where I’m appreciative of the struggles, the process, and the small milestones reached along the way to running my own successful practice.

I have outgrown my humble home office space where I started four months ago, and am currently negotiating lease terms for an office in downtown Honolulu. I’m looking forward to embracing future challenges with Calvin (and sharing victories as well!), and highly recommend his services as a coach.”

Evette H.