“Calvin says he likes to hit it out of the park, and he absolutely does without question.

After my first coaching session with Calvin I literally went from being top 40 in the world at my sport to top 15.

No change in training no nothing. Our coaching session was the day before World Championships. My coaching session with Calvin literally took over 10 minutes off of my 9 mile race time literally overnight, which was awesome, praise God!

Another session with Calvin dealt with some struggles I was having at work. I was great at my doing my job but not at convincing people I was as good at my job as I am. In my line of work no clients = no job. In one session with Calvin, I went from feeling like my boss didn’t know what to do with me (i.e. try to fix my sales skills or send me packing), to being nicknamed The Closer” once again literally overnight.

The thing I really like about Calvin, that sets him apart from other coaches at his level is as humans we all have stuff that holds us back, and it can be hard to work through that stuff with someone because, frankly, it can be downright embarrassing.

But when I work with Calvin it is easy and almost effortless to work through that stuff because I know I’m not being judged.

That makes a huge difference! Calvin has a God given gift, is AMAZING at what he does and I highly recommend him as a coach.”

Jennifer L.
Competitive Stand Up Paddle Athlete