“Thank you so much for your profound and caring coaching for the past 6 months, where with each session I gained more clarity and power to create more of with my life!!  Thanks for helping me as a new mom to reinvent myself and expand my identity. When we started, I just had a baby and didn’t know what’s next for me. I let go of my corporate job and everything that came with it-my corporate office in the heart of Glendale, monthly checks and security. I was feeling lost…

You helped me find the strength and the power with in to design a new environment to go after my dream of being a coach as my main calling and designing a new environment where I feel alive!!  Thanks a million. 6 months in, now:

-I am hosting a weekly show on success, healthy lifestyle and transformation

-I am physically and emotionally fit

-I have paying coaching clients

-I’m a candidate to join the worlds’s best coaching company.

Thanks a million for your amazing coaching skills and for your big heart and genuine care. My life is better because of your coaching!”

Anush G.
Success coach