“Working with Calvin has been phenomenal, it’s helped me make so much more progress not only in building my business/wealth/dream, but enjoying the process along the way.

Previously, I’d had a coach through another company for 3 years. I felt that there was another level to go to in coaching and was looking for someone with more experience and able to help me to elevate my performance/results.

And I’ve benefited in many ways!

Calvin has a wealth of knowledge, he is encouraging and constantly focusing on the positives, building in weaknesses but not being so militant that it’s harsh criticism. When we first started working together I thought I needed someone to be really hard on me to help me become more disciplined and focused. What I’ve learned from Calvin is by focusing on my strengths, focusing on all the great things are happening, and then going to work on things I want to improve I am in a much better state of mind to make the necessary changes.”

Ben S.
Sales leader in financial services firm