“Calvin has been a crucial component in my personal and professional development and I wholeheartedly recommend him for those aspiring to live their best life. In just 15 minutes during our initial consultation, Calvin was able to identify a set of limiting beliefs that were secretly hindering my progress in all aspects of my life.

I was not previously aware of these thought patterns, nor of their enormous power in determining my life outcomes! Using the Socratic Method, Calvin challenged me to question where they originated and whether they still provided value to me. By shining light where there previously was none, Calvin helped me create a step by step plan to transform these limiting beliefs and set developmental goals for the next six to twelve months. He employs a holistic coaching approach, from recommending books and podcasts to teaching meditation and self-reflection techniques. He has an astoundingly high EQ and can relate to my feelings, while helping me translate those feelings into positive action. He provides constant encouragement and an optimistic perspective regardless of any temporary setbacks or challenges I encounter. In just a few months, I achieved more progress in my professional and personal lives than I ever did on my own or with previous coaches. I have never been so motivated to tackle what seemed to be insurmountable life challenges, and I am grateful to have Calvin on my team!”

Dana L.
Data Scientist