“I got turned up-side-down during the economic crises.  Overnight, my wealth was gone, my industry disappeared and it seemed I had no resources to deal with my challenges.  My life was full of uncertainty, doubt and fear—and I had to start over with nothing.

Personal coaching with Calvin has been the single most important investment I’ve made.  I’m going through the best do-over ever.  I am now close to getting a degree in a new, more lucrative industry that I love and have always wanted to be in.  I’ve set up my finances to work for me.  Most importantly, I’ve learned that I am the source of my strength and that there is abundance everywhere.  When you’re rooted and aligned, there’s very little that can keep you from the life you want for yourself—a life that happens for you and not to you.

Since I began working with Calvin, I realized that I am the creator of my future and at any given moment, all I have to do is decide and step up change something.  Over time, visions that I created for myself began to appear and that made me feel very powerful and want to go deeper.

What makes Calvin unique is his innate ability to see the things that were holding me back and respectfully help me to resolve them.  Though his methods are practical, he has a metaphysical edge that allowed him identify some of my deepest challenges and then help me to overcome them using my own energy and neurology.”

Johnny B.
Entrepreneur and real estate investor