“I had so much FUN coaching with Calvin. He’s a great guy and he truly cares for his clients. There is so much I could say about our work together, but I’ll give you my personal favorite moments. I LOVED our “Environmental Design” session and how your environment plays a role in your work and productivity. My office is pretty well-organized, but I did not notice the hidden distractions and inconveniences that were impacting my getting things done. A few simple shifts and my productivity increased more than 50%! Calvin also gave me a ton of support in working through some challenges that arose with one of my clients and how to best handle it while keeping my focus on my mantra “highest good for all, myself included.” He also “gave me permission” to work from a place of acceptance and allowing, which is something I truly needed as I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and workaholic. By working more from a place of ease and mastery, my stress levels dropped dramatically, while my productivity increased exponentially. I also love how he uses words and phrases and turns it into a game. My theme through our coaching became “Simplicity with Abundance” and I needed a major mindset shift here. When I started coaching with him, I was over complicating things and not noticing just how much abundance I already had, because I was always ‘pushing, pushing, pushing’ myself for more. By the end of our sessions I was truly living in simplicity with abundance. Nicely done, Calvin! Thank you!”

Melanie P.
Business Coach