“I felt like I was at a point in my career where I plateaued mentality and emotionally. I was reading all the books recommended by peers, listening to all the audio I could, but I felt something was missing. What I discovered was I needed a non-biased business coach to ask me critical thinking questions and help me move past my limited beliefs.

Working with Calvin, I benefited by having someone to run ideas and concepts by who has experience in leading people through an organized process. For the first time in my career I felt like I was able to define the game I was playing.

As a result, my identity has changed. My income has more than doubled. I am now the big leader I always said I wanted to be. Also, I have a process for dealing with fear. Instead of avoiding it, I now recognize its presence, embrace the pain, and move passed it with a clear focus on my VISION.

Its kept my eye on the ball and forced me to be accountable to someone other than myself, or an internal leader in our company. In many ways it hasn’t only kept me “on the rails”, it has helped to charter new territories all together.”

Steve Holbrook
Sales leader in a financial services firm