“Calvin is more insightful than most – within our first session, I came to realize some big insights about my emotional patterns that had derailed me for years in my life. That was exciting because it has led to some big changes in my relationships with people. Most importantly, my relationship with myself! My identity, my joy, and my sense of purpose in the world has broadened, because Calvin has a finely tuned ability to listening, to hear what I’m saying, and spit it back to be in a way that holds me to my own desires and wants. I love his analogies, and the stories he tells that speak lessons to me in a way that I can relate to.

Since working with Calvin, I’ve gotten myself into a car that I’ve always wanted, exceeded my savings goal, and finally started to lose the weight that I’ve always been wanting to! My husband, who I didn’t tell I was starting coaching with Calvin, is seeing all these changes in me and he’s complimenting me more, it’s been very encouraging for our relationship.

I also notice that I am approaching life as a game now. Instead of something to work, dread, or overcome, I have the ability and joy to choose how I want to play at it, and it is very freeing. I can’t recommend coaching with Calvin enough!”

Tracie D.
Real estate professional and entrepreneur