“I was recovering from a few downs and injuries and had set new targets to achieve. I realized that it would be the perfect time to get a coach to help me get 100% aligned towards exactly what I want and achieve it. Having communicated with Calvin before, I knew he would be the right coach to help me because of his knowledge, experience, great attitude and enthusiasm.

Through working with Calvin, I understood myself better, increased my awareness about my habits, strengths and weaknesses, learnt to harness my emotions and use them to move towards my targets. I am able to use these in every area of my life.

I also learned to break down problems, make clear and simple plans and take consistent action towards achieving my goals. This has helped me make measurable progress on and off the tennis court. I am physically and mentally stronger. I have converted many of my biggest weaknesses into strengths. The situations that gave me a lot of trouble before, I now handle with ease.

Calvin helped me understand and control my emotions. I am now excited about challenges and move towards them instead of being scared and acting out of fear. I am able to meet my standards and raise them as I constantly improve as an athlete and person. My performance has increased in every area of my life because I am in control of myself.

Our work together has been successful because Calvin understands exactly what I feel and need and he gives me the right ideas and solutions. His attitude is great and his high energy and enthusiasm is motivating. The sessions are focused and working on challenges is now fun! Calvin explains things in ways that I understand and enjoy. He’s always ready to help out and put in extra effort and time to help me when needed. It feels like a team and not just business.

Just as even the best athletes need coaches to help them perform consistently and reach the next level, having a coach there to help you out with whatever challenges you’re facing is a massive advantage. Having someone to tell you what you can do better and how to do it will help you reach the next level in your life easier. Calvin is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. His result oriented, focused and fun methods have helped me make massive progress. I wanted coaching to perform better in my sport but I’m seeing positive changes both on and off the court. If you’re serious and committed to performing at your best, I highly recommend working with Calvin!”

Vishesh Vishnu
Competitive tennis player