what people say about working with Calvin

I came into coaching with about 5 million in closed transactions per year. After a year of coaching now, I’m closing close to 10 million! I had to make some big changes to get here, and would probably still be contemplating these changes without Calvin’s help.

Calvin has a natural ability to tune into how I naturally communicate and learn, to tailor his approach and keep me on track, focused, and always in forward motion.

We’ve implemented business systems, developed tools and techniques to manage my stress and emotions, and I have become a much more confident realtor who is able to be a straight-shooting woman, and still be caring and genuine.

I now enjoy a much bigger business than I imagined wanting, and I’m able to do more while stressing much less. I have more family time, and am able to put more focus on my relationships too!

Andrea R


Calvin says he likes to hit it out of the park, and he absolutely does without question.

After my first coaching session with Calvin I literally went from being top 40 in the world at my sport to top 15.

No change in training no nothing. Our coaching session was the day before World Championships. My coaching session with Calvin literally took over 10 minutes off of my 9 mile race time literally overnight, which was awesome, praise God!

Another session with Calvin dealt with some struggles I was having at work. I was great at my doing my job but not at convincing people I was as good at my job as I am. In my line of work no clients = no job.

In one session with Calvin, I went from feeling like my boss didn’t know what to do with me (i.e. try to fix my sales skills or send me packing), to being nicknamed The Closer” once again literally overnight.

The thing I really like about Calvin, that sets him apart from other coaches at his level is as humans we all have stuff that holds us back, and it can be hard to work through that stuff with someone because, frankly, it can be downright embarrassing.

But when I work with Calvin it is easy and almost effortless to work through that stuff because I know I’m not being judged.

That makes a huge difference! Calvin has a God given gift, is AMAZING at what he does and I highly recommend him as a coach.

Jennifer L.

Competitive SUP athlete

From our very first call, Calvin expressed extreme confidence in me but also demanded a higher level of personal accountability than I was used to, or even comfortable with! His gentle guidance and constant reassurance helped me to break bad habits which have hindered both personal and professional growth. For example, after launching my business in March of 2016, I quickly (albeit naively) expected to lease a large office space in Hawaii with multiple treatment rooms, have a full schedule of patients, and tons of time for myself at the end of the day. Essentially, I expected to move from A to Z, instantly.

When this didn’t happen, I was quick to shut down, sometimes second-guessing my ability to build a business and even doubting my decision to pursue acupuncture as a profession. Calvin’s reassurance and prescribed methods for self-reflection have led me to a point where I’m appreciative of the struggles, the process, and the small milestones reached along the way to running my own successful practice.

I have outgrown my humble home office space where I started four months ago, and am currently negotiating lease terms for an office in downtown Honolulu. I’m looking forward to embracing future challenges with Calvin (and sharing victories as well!), and highly recommend his services as a coach.

Evette H


Calvin is truly a class-act. My life lacked focus and direction prior to having the privilege to connect with him on a deeper level. A few phone calls later with him and a little digging into my deeper desires and ambitions, and my life, both personally and professionally, has quickly turned around. I would highly recommend Calvin without reservation to anyone that could use that boost in their own life and get them to the next level.

Bruce Chen

Award-winning financial advisor

My career was accelerating at light speed as I went from one being of the top in sales across the nation, to a promotion into management. I was inexperienced in leadership, and was very resistant to changes. As responsibilities and workload increased, so did my stress levels.

Through working with Calvin, I now have a much better understanding of myself, and deal with my stress productively. I’ve also learned to see things from outside my perspective. By having a deeper understanding of their actions & behavior, I am more effective with my staff. I am taking on the leadership role with a more positive energy for the staff and myself, and that makes the work place a much more enjoyable place to be. I’m not just a better leader, I’m a happier person.

Jenny O.

Regional VP of an insurance services firm

Upgrade your Leadership

I had the best career turnaround, and the best income and team production years ever while working with Calvin.

I already get coaching from leaders in my  company, but working with Calvin helped me look beyond the numbers, into the psychology of why people behave the way they do. It helped me look at the leadership approach to people differently.

While Calvin held me accountable to playing a bigger game, he also made it fun. He challenged my way of thinking around problems, and I felt very comfortable being open and transparent in our sessions.

I wouldn’t still be in my business if I didn’t work with Calvin. I have grown as an individual and a leader. And, my business has had substantial growth also, year over year. If you have the opportunity to work with Calvin, I highly recommend it!

Charles T.

Partner at a financial services firm

I was personally at a point in my life where I had reached my full potential on my own, and came to a realization that life is a sport. All the world’s best athletes have a coach, and I realized that if I wanted to improve I needed coaching as well. My wife had been working with Calvin for some time and I noticed the benefits that brought to her life and business.

The benefits I have seen in myself and business over the last year have been amazing. My business continues to grow as a result of learning how to deal with people and my emotions which have lead to me becoming a better leader to my team.  As well as making me look at my problems and issues face on and realizing that sometimes those problems are a blessing and make us stronger and better people, the problems are just a point in the game where things get a little rough and coaching has helped me mentally battle through those times.  It has benefited my life in other ways like in my relationship with my wife.  We have always had a great relationship but coaching has allowed me to open our communication better and we are closer than ever.

I feel coaching with Calvin has been successful for all the reasons above and many more.  He continually challenges me to get better and see the world and the people in it from a different perspective.  I look forward to continue growing and succeeding with his help.

Chad T.

Sales leader in a financial services firm

Thank you Calvin for putting me on a path that has allowed me to realize success and fulfillment beyond even my previous lofty beliefs of what is possible.


I was living a life most people dream about, but the satisfaction wasn’t there. I was stuck. Calvin expertly and with precision identified the areas of my life where I was out of balance. I remember like it was this morning how relieving it was to just realize that I had created an entire life that left me feeling “like a pack mule.”

For anyone considering coaching I give Calvin the highest recommendation possible. He is at the peak of competency, but more importantly for me he truly cares and gets results.

Mike T

President of a business consulting firm

Defy Good to Become Great

I felt like I was at a point in my career where I plateaued mentality and emotionally. I was reading all the books recommended by peers, listening to all the audio I could, but I felt something was missing. What I discovered was I needed a non-biased business coach to ask me critical thinking questions and help me move past my limited beliefs.


Working with Calvin, I benefited by having someone to run ideas and concepts by who has experience in leading people through an organized process. For the first time in my career I felt like I was able to define the game I was playing.


As a result, my identity has changed. My income has more than doubled. I am now the big leader I always said I wanted to be. Also, I have a process for dealing with fear. Instead of avoiding it, I now recognize its presence, embrace the pain, and move passed it with a clear focus on my VISION.


Its kept my eye on the ball and forced me to be accountable to someone other than myself, or an internal leader in our company. In many ways it hasn’t only kept me “on the rails”, it has helped to charter new territories all together.

Steve Holbrook

Sales leader in a financial services firm

Calvin has been a huge contribution to my success in business and personal life. When we talk about investing in our business, we ourselves are the greatest asset we need to invest in. The investment of coaching with Calvin has not only helped me get to the next level in all areas of my life but also has allowed for exponential growth in my businesses. He is an expert at what he does in guiding and exploring the endless opportunities available. I am very excited to continue our second year of coaching and if you value growth and taking your life to the next level you need to to contact Calvin.

Jennifer L

Sales superstar

Thank you so much for your profound and caring coaching for the past 6 months, where with each session I gained more clarity and power to create more of with my life!!  Thanks for helping me as a new mom to reinvent myself and expand my identity. When we started, I just had a baby and didn’t know what’s next for me. I let go of my corporate job and everything that came with it-my corporate office in the heart of Glendale, monthly checks and security. I was feeling lost…


You helped me find the strength and the power with in to design a new environment to go after my dream of being a coach as my main calling and designing a new environment where I feel alive!!  Thanks a million. 6 months in, now:

-I am hosting a weekly show on success, healthy lifestyle and transformation

-I am physically and emotionally fit

-I have paying coaching clients

-I’m a candidate to join the worlds’s best coaching company.


Thanks a million for your amazing coaching skills and for your big heart and genuine care. My life is better because of your coaching!

Anush G

Success coach

Go from desperation to inspiration

I was recovering from a few downs and injuries and had set new targets to achieve. I realized that it would be the perfect time to get a coach to help me get 100% aligned towards exactly what I want and achieve it. Having communicated with Calvin before, I knew he would be the right coach to help me because of his knowledge, experience, great attitude and enthusiasm.


Through working with Calvin, I understood myself better, increased my awareness about my habits, strengths and weaknesses, learnt to harness my emotions and use them to move towards my targets. I am able to use these in every area of my life.


I also learned to break down problems, make clear and simple plans and take consistent action towards achieving my goals. This has helped me make measurable progress on and off the tennis court. I am physically and mentally stronger. I have converted many of my biggest weaknesses into strengths. The situations that gave me a lot of trouble before, I now handle with ease.


Calvin helped me understand and control my emotions. I am now excited about challenges and move towards them instead of being scared and acting out of fear. I am able to meet my standards and raise them as I constantly improve as an athlete and person. My performance has increased in every area of my life because I am in control of myself.


Our work together has been successful because Calvin understands exactly what I feel and need and he gives me the right ideas and solutions. His attitude is great and his high energy and enthusiasm is motivating. The sessions are focused and working on challenges is now fun! Calvin explains things in ways that I understand and enjoy. He’s always ready to help out and put in extra effort and time to help me when needed. It feels like a team and not just business.


Just as even the best athletes need coaches to help them perform consistently and reach the next level, having a coach there to help you out with whatever challenges you’re facing is a massive advantage. Having someone to tell you what you can do better and how to do it will help you reach the next level in your life easier. Calvin is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. His result oriented, focused and fun methods have helped me make massive progress. I wanted coaching to perform better in my sport but I’m seeing positive changes both on and off the court. If you’re serious and committed to performing at your best, I highly recommend working with Calvin!

Vishesh Vishnu

Competitive tennis player

I got turned up-side-down during the economic crises.  Overnight, my wealth was gone, my industry disappeared and it seemed I had no resources to deal with my challenges.  My life was full of uncertainty, doubt and fear—and I had to start over with nothing.

Personal coaching with Calvin has been the single most important investment I’ve made.  I’m going through the best do-over ever.  I am now close to getting a degree in a new, more lucrative industry that I love and have always wanted to be in.  I’ve set up my finances to work for me.  Most importantly, I’ve learned that I am the source of my strength and that there is abundance everywhere.  When you’re rooted and aligned, there’s very little that can keep you from the life you want for yourself—a life that happens for you and not to you.


Since I began working with Calvin, I realized that I am the creator of my future and at any given moment, all I have to do is decide and step up change something.  Over time, visions that I created for myself began to appear and that made me feel very powerful and want to go deeper.


What makes Calvin unique is his innate ability to see the things that were holding me back and respectfully help me to resolve them.  Though his methods are practical, he has a metaphysical edge that allowed him identify some of my deepest challenges and then help me to overcome them using my own energy and neurology.

Johnny B

Entrepreneur and real estate investor

I have coached with Calvin Chen for over a year now. When I originally decided to reach out to him I was deeply impressed with the changes in my coworker, who was working with him: precise goals, amazing productivity, sharp vision . I’ve known her for many years and it was very intriguing to know a coach could make such a visible difference. I really wanted to see if I could have similar results and improvements.


I’ve tried coaching couple of times in the past. It didn’t work for me at all. Maybe I’m not the easiest person to coach, I thought? I need to know that the coach is not only sharing his wisdom with me but cares about my success as much as I do… Or even more sometime! I need to know I am not only a number on the other side of the phone but somebody worth fighting for . I need a coach that listens but who can call me on my excuses. Somebody I respect for his professionalism and knowledge but also I can laugh with.  I need a coach that is not afraid to spend an extra few minutes with me when I need it and is not hesitating to totally surprise me with a powerful text in the middle of the week. Calvin Chen is all of that and more, much more.


I am a single mom of 2 beautiful young girls and I absolutely can’t afford Calvin’s coaching. But I’ve learned to realize I can’t afford NOT to coach with him more so I will do whatever it takes to include that in my budget. I faced few fearful situations at work last year thanks to peeling layers one session at the time with Calvin. I survived insane twist of daily responsibilities and kept my sales at my desired level regardless temporary road blocks.


I have so many more layers to peel so I’ve committed to another year of coaching with him. I’m looking forward to laughter, learning and challenging the “old me” to grow to be a stronger, more successful business woman and the best version of myself in every aspect of my life.

If you think if coaching with Calvin is worth it?- Don’t. Trust all the others that did already.

Margaret P

Sales superstar

I had so much FUN coaching with Calvin. He’s a great guy and he truly cares for his clients. There is so much I could say about our work together, but I’ll give you my personal favorite moments. I LOVED our “Environmental Design” session and how your environment plays a role in your work and productivity. My office is pretty well-organized, but I did not notice the hidden distractions and inconveniences that were impacting my getting things done. A few simple shifts and my productivity increased more than 50%! Calvin also gave me a ton of support in working through some challenges that arose with one of my clients and how to best handle it while keeping my focus on my mantra “highest good for all, myself included.” He also “gave me permission” to work from a place of acceptance and allowing, which is something I truly needed as I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and workaholic. By working more from a place of ease and mastery, my stress levels dropped dramatically, while my productivity increased exponentially. I also love how he uses words and phrases and turns it into a game. My theme through our coaching became “Simplicity with Abundance” and I needed a major mindset shift here. When I started coaching with him, I was over complicating things and not noticing just how much abundance I already had, because I was always ‘pushing, pushing, pushing’ myself for more. By the end of our sessions I was truly living in simplicity with abundance. Nicely done, Calvin! Thank you!

Melanie P

Business Coach

Working with Calvin helped me identify what is truly driving and limiting my behaviors. I learned why my mindset driven by guilt helped me get to where I was but would limit me from getting to the next level. As a result, I became much more in tune with my emotions and learned how I could use both positive and negative energy to my advantage. This has shifted the way I view work and has helped me become a top performer. Also, I am finally developing and sticking with the habits I have always wanted to incorporate into my life. Because I know myself better, I am better able to tap into my inner reservoir of energy and willpower I never even knew I had!


More importantly, Calvin helped me heal and move on from a negative chapter of my past that was holding me back. Although I had pushed these memories to the back of my mind, working with Calvin resurfaced these events and forced me to face my past head on. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, but it was also one of the best decisions I have ever made. As soon as I confronted this event, it was as if everything “clicked” at once and I got into “the zone.”


And now, I have developed clarity in my career vision, much more productivity in my songwriting, and deeper relationships with all of my loved ones. More importantly, everything I do is fun…..even the stuff that’s not supposed to be! Calvin has a way of systematizing every aspect of life into a “game” and make it a specific, attainable achievement.

Since working with Calvin, I am much more in tune with my emotions and have learned to trust my instincts. I have also developed a “game” mentality with my both career and my side projects. As a result, I approach everything with a “spirit of play” and this mentality has allowed me to be more engaged in everything I do, which in turn has led to more productivity and accelerated results.


Calvin is truly a professional who has invested the time into perfecting his craft. In just a few sessions, he enabled me to identify and confront the negative barriers that have been blocking my life. Also, it is clear that he genuinely cares about his clients and their well-being, as he has gone out of his way to check up on me personally even between our sessions. Don’t let his youth mislead you! He makes each session inspiring, humorous, and very practical. It is a privilege to have worked with him and have him in my corner!

Aaron P.

Rapper, blogger


“Working with Calvin has been phenomenal, it’s helped me make so much more progress not only in building my business/wealth/dream, but enjoying the process along the way.


Previously, I’d had a coach through another company for 3 years. I felt that there was another level to go to in coaching and was looking for someone with more experience and able to help me to elevate my performance/results.


And I’ve benefited in many ways!

Calvin has a wealth of knowledge, he is encouraging and constantly focusing on the positives, building in weaknesses but not being so militant that it’s harsh criticism. When we first started working together I thought I needed someone to be really hard on me to help me become more disciplined and focused. What I’ve learned from Calvin is by focusing on my strengths, focusing on all the great things are happening, and then going to work on things I want to improve I am in a much better state of mind to make the necessary changes.”

Ben S.

Sales leader in financial services firm

“Calvin has been a consistent and reliable source of inspiration and knowledge for the objectives and goal we set for me and my business. His counsel has been invaluable in removing the ‘sturm und drang’ of operating my company and has allowed me to shift gears and enjoy a more balanced life.”

Theresa C

Principal of hospitality firm

“From the moment I opened my mouth to speak, Calvin had me hooked! He was able to instantly cut through to exactly what I was missing and what I needed to take me to the next level professionally. I was completely speechless at how all this time I had spent going round in circles and someone had been able to literally unpick the loop and lay it out flat for me to be able to see clearly and with clarity. Calvin is a magnificent and gifted human being, a true professional with a touch of sheer genius. There are literally no words to describe my gratitude that I should have had the sheer pleasure of being connected with someone who transformed the way I live my life. Heartfelt thanks, and a firm 110% recommendation”

Sonya K

Entrepreneur and coach

“Calvin is more insightful than most – within our first session, I came to realize some big insights about my emotional patterns that had derailed me for years in my life. That was exciting because it has led to some big changes in my relationships with people. Most importantly, my relationship with myself! My identity, my joy, and my sense of purpose in the world has broadened, because Calvin has a finely tuned ability to listening, to hear what I’m saying, and spit it back to be in a way that holds me to my own desires and wants. I love his analogies, and the stories he tells that speak lessons to me in a way that I can relate to.


Since working with Calvin, I’ve gotten myself into a car that I’ve always wanted, exceeded my savings goal, and finally started to lose the weight that I’ve always been wanting to! My husband, who I didn’t tell I was starting coaching with Calvin, is seeing all these changes in me and he’s complimenting me more, it’s been very encouraging for our relationship.


I also notice that I am approaching life as a game now. Instead of something to work, dread, or overcome, I have the ability and joy to choose how I want to play at it, and it is very freeing. I can’t recommend coaching with Calvin enough!”

Tracie D

Real estate professional and entrepreneur

“Calvin has been a crucial component in my personal and professional development and I wholeheartedly recommend him for those aspiring to live their best life. In just 15 minutes during our initial consultation, Calvin was able to identify a set of limiting beliefs that were secretly hindering my progress in all aspects of my life.

I was not previously aware of these thought patterns, nor of their enormous power in determining my life outcomes! Using the Socratic Method, Calvin challenged me to question where they originated and whether they still provided value to me. By shining light where there previously was none, Calvin helped me create a step by step plan to transform these limiting beliefs and set developmental goals for the next six to twelve months. He employs a holistic coaching approach, from recommending books and podcasts to teaching meditation and self-reflection techniques. He has an astoundingly high EQ and can relate to my feelings, while helping me translate those feelings into positive action. He provides constant encouragement and an optimistic perspective regardless of any temporary setbacks or challenges I encounter. In just a few months, I achieved more progress in my professional and personal lives than I ever did on my own or with previous coaches. I have never been so motivated to tackle what seemed to be insurmountable life challenges, and I am grateful to have Calvin on my team!”

Dana L

Data Scientist

“Calvin is an exceptional coach that is very personable but won’t hesitate to challenge you and get you to dig deep inside to find solutions. His ability to lead you towards self-discovery is highly valuable to anyone looking to reach their full potential whether in work or personal life.”

Byron Q

Film producer and writer

“Coaches often have similar agendas, but only the rare and special coaches can offer guidance in a way that’s spiritually profound, and logically engaging.


When I hired Calvin, I wanted help uncover what was holding me back from “star success” in my vocation. Through patience, empathy, and a tough love approach I discovered that star success was the last of my challenges! Having to get that honest with myself was uncomfortable, and wouldn’t have been possible without the trust Calvin built with me.


These are some things that have made the profound difference in my life, from working with Calvin. Learning to have true unconditional love for myself, was the hardest but the most freeing. I no longer have to manipulat things in my life properly to  be joyful, I can choose joy now.I have become my own best friend. That used to sound so “corny” to me, but it’s such a powerful, courageous thing to be. He’s helped me to find my ‘sweet spot.’


So, if you are thinking about a coach. Think about this one.  You will not find one more devoted and committed to you finding your ‘sweet spots’ too.”

Josie M

Sales Director at a senior living community


“My experience in working with Calvin has been nothing short of eye-opening and transformative. His greatest skill is to clearly see what your patterns and roadblocks are and set you on a path to overcome them and to triumph. With Calvin you are fully aware, armed to do battle in the world and come out on top.”

Agostino I.

Insurance agent

“In only a few of months, Calvin’s coaching has helped me take my professional life to new astonishing standards. The clarity, power and intelligence behind his coaching technique is beyond outstanding. Through many principles, Calvin shaped my career’s vision and optimized its structure. I am finally moving forward in my life, and am happier than ever! To whoever that needs to elevate their career, or simply refine their professional spheres, I highly recommend this man. Genius, strong and efficient.”

Frederic C.


“Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to work with Calvin on optimizing my productivity. The value that I received from our sessions far exceeded my expectations. Calvin’s an amazing executive coach. Where he excels most is connecting with and identifying what your individual triggers are that both motivate you to succeed and those that prevent you from achieving your goals. So you can make the appropriate adjustments to optimize your performance. Since working with Calvin, I have been able to gain more focus and prioritize myself and my goals in a way that gives me peace of mind, allowing myself to be pulled by my passions rather than be pushed by outside pressure. I would recommend Calvin to anyone who wants to operate at their maximum ability and reach their highest potential”

Mei T.


“Calvin has made a HUGE difference in my business life and my family life.


Working with Calvin led to a transformative upheaval of my worth as a professional and a woman. He established with me a rapport of understanding, integrity, and authentic trust. Via an intuitive yet effective combo of listening and questioning skills, Calvin brought out the very best in me and empowered me to step into my power. He compelled me to take action towards my dream. Today I am actualizing my purpose with joy greater than I could have possibly imagined. I have already experienced great success in my own coaching business.


Thank you Calvin for intervening in such a powerful, enlivening way!!”

Lyna J

Author and coach

“As a mom and an entrepreneur, I often felt overwhelmed and filled with guilt and felt like I couldn’t be who I wanted to be at home or in business. Calvin has helped me overcome all of that which has allowed me to move forward in business with confidence, being intentional about the future I am living into and making decisions that are aligned with who I really am and where I want to go. I am extremely thankful for his help. He gives his coaching everything he has and always delivers. He is masterful as a coach and there is no doubt he can get you where you want to go. If you are thinking about getting started as a client, stop thinking and go for it. You will not regret it! In my opinion, EVERYONE needs a coach like Calvin!”

Arlene Zandbelt