Workshops are offered year-round and range from half a day to a full day.

Each training session is experiential and interactive, and designed with ongoing application in mind. If you don’t see a workshop topic that addresses your needs, contact me. I would be happy to work with you to create one that will.

Personal Foundations for Success

Doing a good job is one thing, but being able to do a good job consistently, sustainably is quite another. In this training, participants learn how to create a life that frees and supports them to be at their best.


Having a growth mindset engages your people in a quest to continue developing the skills, understanding, and character traits necessary to be proficient team members that increase in value over


Tired of having important, sometimes long discussions that end with weak follow through? This session explores how breakdowns in communication happen and teaches language patterns to ensure things do not slip through the cracks.


Every day, there are critical moments where team members can shine on purpose, or drop the ball unwittingly. This session helps participants to identify these crucial moments, and how to turn them into create stellar client experiences.

Playing to Win: The Disciplines of Execution

How do you drive activity and results over time, without nagging, threatening, or bribing your people? The workshop introduces core behaviors that create an environment of performance and accountability, to create consistent progress toward key outcomes.

Co-Creating a Winning Team Culture

It’s been said over and over again: “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.” What makes for vital team culture, and how do we make that happen in practice? This session invites and empowers each participant to be an active contributor to a winning team environment so that everyone has ownership over it.

Difficult Conversations: The Art of Confrontation

Accountability conversations are an essential part of a high performing workplace. And yet, they can be tricky to manage, and emotionally charged. This session teaches participants how to avoid common pitfalls in these conversations, to create better working relationships going forward.

Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

Feedback is critical to creating a high-performance environment but can be a source of confusion or alienation when done incorrectly. In this session, get the clarity, skills, and practice to deliver and receive feedback effectively.

Excelling in Selling

When your clients say “thank you” after giving you money, you know that you’re selling well. How do you do that? This session teaches the psychology of top-notch salespeople, along with the listening and inquiry skills necessary for creating clients that are eager to move forward with your service offering